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Writer's Workshop



All our sessions have PLAY as their motor. Children will learn and navigate new knowledge through rigorously planned play experiences facilitated by the instructor. We teach based on 21st-century education and the play-based teaching model.

This is what children will learn

Developmentally, preschoolers should not be writing. Instead, pre-writing is the area of focus. When children play, they build essential precursors to handwriting.


It’s important to recognize that handwriting comprehends many areas. It's more than holding a pencil and forming letters and numbers.

It involves:


  • Gross motor development

  • Fine motor development

  • Motor planning

  • Initial core control and core body strength

  • Bilateral arm and hand use

  • Crossing midline

  • Imitation of movements

  • Tactile sensory awareness

  • Discrimination of sensation

  • Grip strength

  • Visual discrimination

  • Spatial relations

  • Hand-eye coordination

The writing process is so much more than just teaching grip. It involves scribbling, fine-motor, and gross-motor skills, tracing, discovering lines and curves, and playing with letters.


In Writer's Workshop, we focus our instruction on developing pre-writing skills that will be key to a successful writing experience. These include:


  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Develop alphabet knowledge skills: identification of letters by symbols, not sounds.

  • Develop a strong grip

  • Develop hand-eye coordination and visual perception

  • Develop vocabulary

  • Invented spelling and creative writing


Once children have developed all these strong skills, they will be ready to start the formal writing process.

How do we make it happen?

ALL of our sessions have:


-Hands-on experiential learning of letters.


-Strong multisensory instruction.


-Teaching writing through PLAY and developmentally appropriate practices by age.

Who is this class for?

Children ages 4-6 years old

This class is perfect if your child:

  • Is interested in letters

  • Wants to learn how to write

  • Loves hands-on learning

  • Needs fine motor strengthening


This class is perfect if you:


  • Want to develop strong writing foundations in your child

  • You wish your child to develop love for writing.

  • If you want your child to play and learn.


$190 per module, 10 classes

Class structure

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Sneak and Peek

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