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Fun Learning



All our sessions have PLAY as their motor. Children will learn and navigate new knowledge through rigorously planned play experiences facilitated by the instructor. We teach based on 21st-century education and the play-based teaching model.

What is Fun Learning

In this class, students will be exposed to open-ended play experiences and invitations to create, learn and play that will develop 21st Century skills such as creativity, imagination, decision-making, teamwork, and initiative with open-ended materials.


We will expose children to high-level play, aiming for healthy childhoods and mental health.

How do we make it happen?

All of our sessions have:


-Hands-on experiential learning.


-Open-ended experiences.


-Teaching writing through PLAY and developmentally appropriate practices by age.

Who is this class for?

Children ages 2- 4 years old



This class is perfect if your child:


  • Is interested in letters

  • Wants to learn how to write

  • Loves hands-on learning

  • Needs fine motor strengthening



This class is perfect if you:


  • Want to develop strong writing foundations in your child

  • You wish your child to develop love for writing.

  • If you want your child to play and learn.


$190 per module, 10 classes

Class structure

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Sneak and Peek

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