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Let me help you!

Hi! I am Mariana


I am responsible for all the fun and learning happening here. I am originally from Costa Rica but currently live in Orlando.  I am on my 22 year of teaching, but it still feels like day one. I am passionate about what I do, and I LOVE education.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching with a major in Gifted and Talented Education. 


 I used to run a small after school educational business back in CR, Desarrollando Mentes, for 8 years. It was a small afternoon program- therapy clinic. I’ve also been a consultant for companies such as Learning Without Tears, Really Great Reading and Himama in the last 2 decades. I’ve also developed curriculum, ranging from grades PPK-5th for different schools around the world. I love to create play-based learning and nurturing experiences and also develop project based learning opportunities. 


I believe in differentiated instruction; there’s no limit when it comes to learning. I have to tell you that I am enjoying every single minute of my current project: The Learning Garage, a space in which I homeschool my daughter and friends putting into action 21st Century Education. It is a dream come true to be able to put together all my knowledge and share it with my daughter Elena.

I also enjoy creating educational courses and resources to contribute to people all over the world. I've created multiple digital resources to improve today's Education, including courses for parents, educators and children. The Play Lab is my online learning hub, spreading the value of play into different contexts.

My ultimate goal is to rethink Education for the 21st Century through play within 3 main populations: educators, parents and children.

I hope you enjoy my journey and become a play advocate with me.



My services include:

Plan and impart personalized professional development for parents and schools 

(Prices vary depending the number of participants)

Speaking- Lectures

(Prices vary depending the number of participants)


Tutoring, enrichment and remedial learning sessions for students

  • Gifted and Talented

  • Enrichment classes in all academic subjects: reading, writing, math, science

  • Remediation classes in: reading difficulties, math, executive functions, writing

  • Homeschool class instruction (Price ranges between $80-$120 per hour)

  • An annual program fee of $125 is charged per year per student: this includes all the programs used by the children in my sessions

  • An annual material fee of $200 is charged per year per student: this includes all consumables used by children in my sessions

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