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10 Tips for a functional and attractive playroom

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We see a lot of play spaces in social media. Some that are unreal. An useful space is that one that is ready to meet the child´s needs, not the parent´s.

1. Furniture: it’s ideal to have flexible and neutral colored furniture. This will allow you to move things around and the colors won’t compete with toys. Neutral colors also apply to walls. This will also promote a clean aesthetic look if you are looking into having a magazine looking space.

2. Purposeful: everything has a reason to be there. No excess, no clutter, no toys that children never use. If you have too many toys, start sorting out what you really use. You can store half of what you have and rotate the toys if needed.

3. Everything has a place: toys have assigned spaces. Children know what these spaces are and clean up by themselves. The way you display toys makes a huge difference in what they want to play. It invites children to a specific activity.

4. Less is more: Do not display all toys. The more they have the less they’ll play. Have things that children are passionate about and rotate the rest of you have too many things. De clutter, don’t buy unnecessary toys or Toys you can only use once.

5. It’s more than being pretty, it’s about being useful. The playroom is a place children enjoy. Decorate it with children’s artwork, have all resources at their reach, if you want to place something up high... that’s decoration or just for your use. Avoid decals in walls, that’s also only for you.. it might cause too much distraction for children. Be mindful about the heights you use for book shelves.

6. Follow your child’s interests: your children are part of the process. Create spaces based on their interests.

7. Make it useful: have spaces to play close to the toys and materials. Ex: a building space (mat or rug) close to the building materials, a table close to the art materials.

8. Clean up every day: yes... it sounds difficult.. but you will teach your children to do so. If you don’t have to much and there’s a place for everything they will be successful. Of course you can leave work in progress play items out

9. Go through toys once a month: de clutter those bins, make sure everything is being used. Do it with your children.

10. Enjoy your space and PLAY!


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