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Wall space in your classroom

When it comes to wall space in both classrooms and at home, I prefer to be simple.

I like offering a white canvas to the students. No color - nothing. I want them to own their space. I want walls to be their art galleries.

This is how our walls look. Filled with their process art, nothing is the same.

No ABCs, no numbers, no clutter.

Children never use all that information that teachers love to stick on the wall, it’s just too distracting. Many colors, fonts, shapes, dotted lines ... all these my dear friend teachers is just for your own sake.

This doesn’t mean children don’t need these resources, we can provide them differently.

For example: instead of abc lines, I provide letter lines. We use them in letter activities or writing centers. For numbers I offer number lines or number charts. For sight words: word rings.

All these resources are available and easy to use. They have them right next to them and are useful in their learning process.

They won’t learn from seeing things on a wall. I invite you to rethink your learning spaces.


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