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Free online event

July, 26th

8:00 pm EST

6:00 pm CR

Discover how to balance parenthood, encourage high-level play, and reduce screen time by implementing practical strategies.

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Welcome to +PLAY!

In my free +PLAY webinar, I will show you how play is the answer to getting more time for you as parents without loosing your mind, and how it can transform your children's relationship with screens.

I will share my testimony as a mom and how I juggle to achieve it, empowering you and validating that it is possible. I know that sometimes we don’t see the way out and it feels that parenting is one of the biggest challenges. I'm not going to lie, it is! However, there’s a way to navigate with ease. 


You'll learn practical strategies for incorporating play into your daily life, setting healthy boundaries, and achieving balance in your life.

Join us and discover the power of play!​

  1. Discover how to maintain balance as a parent and find time to promote play.

  2. Learn strategic tips to encourage independent play and help children enjoy their play time alone.

  3. Get ideas for simple play invitations you can create at home to foster play and creativity.

  4. Discover how to have your own space and carry out your tasks while children play independently.

  5. Learn strategies to be present and connected during playtime with your children.

  6. Get tips to avoid the use of screens when going out to places.

  7. Get tips for creating a community of like-minded individuals interested in healthy parenting and play.

What will you learn in this free online event?

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Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to adapt play to fit your family system and create a present and future that enhance the skills your children need for success in life.

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Mariana Carazo

I am Mariana, an enthusiast for education and creating engaging learning experiences. With over two decades of teaching experience and a strong academic background, my goal is to transform education through the power of play. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and collaborating with parents and educators to foster an innovative, play-based approach to education. I am aware that motherhood is quite a challenge and my goal  is to help you navigate it and promote good practices in a real and tangible way. Join me on this exciting journey and together we can create a bright and fun-filled educational future.

Secure your place in the +Play webinar and make play the main protagonist in your home!

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Together, we can create a community of parents committed to play and a healthy development of our children.

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