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Emergent Writing:
A Creative Journey from Ages 2 to 6.

Explore developmentally appropriate practices that nurture emergent writing skills from the earliest scribbles to the first sentences, tailored for children aged 2 to 6.

Join us for an enlightening webinar designed to guide educators and parents through the fundamentals of teaching creative writing to young children.

Now available pre-recorded!


Gain insights into the stages of emergent writing, understand how to implement effective instructional strategies, and see what creative writing looks like for each age group.

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Who is This Webinar For?

Ideal for educators, parents, and anyone involved in the early years of child development seeking to inspire and support young writers.

Webinar content:

In this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the stages of emergent writing, from scribbling to conventional writing. We will explore how children progress through these stages and what to expect at each level of development. Additionally, we'll delve into effective instructional strategies that educators can implement to support and nurture children's emergent writing skills. From providing rich literacy environments to scaffolding writing experiences, we'll cover a range of practical techniques to enhance children's writing abilities. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to see firsthand what creative writing looks like for each age group, from toddlers to kindergarteners. Through examples and demonstrations, we'll showcase the unique ways in which children express themselves through writing at different developmental stages. Join us as we embark on this journey to unlock the potential of emergent writers!


Topics include fine motor skill development for writing, step-by-step handwriting instruction, and age-appropriate writing activities that encourage creativity and expression.

Ready to unlock the potential of your young learners?


INVESTMENT:  $30 per person

This is a pre-recorded webinar



I am originally from Costa Rica but live in Orlando, Florida. I am passionate about what I do and LOVE education. I have a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education and a Master's from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a focus on Curriculum and Teaching, specializing in Gifted Child Education.

I am highlighting the importance of using play as a teaching vehicle, demonstrating to the world that it is possible to educate through play, and this is the answer to the educational change we need for today's world.

I hope you enjoy my journey and become an advocate for play like me.


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