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Smart Reading



All our sessions have PLAY as their motor. Children will learn and navigate new knowledge through rigorously planned play experiences facilitated by the instructor. We teach based on 21st-century education and the play-based teaching model.

What is Smart Reading

Systematic: Reading instruction needs to be systematic. This guides children through each phonetic and decoding skill using a step-by-step, logical sequence.


Multi-sensory: Children are engaging more than one sense at a time.


Alphabetic Knowledge: Children learn to recognize and name upper and lowercase letters. They also discover that there are sounds associated with each letter.


Reading Comprehension: Children learn actionable strategies to comprehend what they're reading. ALL through PLAY.


Teamwork: Even though each learning process is individual, children don't learn alone. They learn from each other. Teachers guide children and learn from them as well.

This is what children will learn

The reading process is a process that can´t be forced or pushed.

Children typically learn how to read between ages 5- 7 years old. This is a normal range for children to start decoding. People believe that the reading process is about decoding letters or phonics, but it involves much more. These are the areas that comprehend the reading process umbrella:


In Smart Reading, we focus our instruction in developing pre-reading skills that will be key in a successful reading experience. These include:


  • Develop phonological awareness skills

  • Develop alphabet knowledge skills: identification of letters by symbols not sounds.

  • Develop reading comprehension skills

  • Develop Visualization and questioning skills

  • Develop Vocabulary


Once children have developed all these strong skills, they will be ready to decode or phonics. We teach these other skills in a different course, only if children are ready.

How do we make it happen?

ALL of our sessions have:


- Hands-on experiential learning of letters.


- Strong multisensory phonological awareness instruction.


- Active reading comprehension strategies.


- Teaching reading through PLAY and developmentally appropriate practices by age.

Who is this class for?

Children ages 4-6 years old


This class is perfect if your child:


  • Loves books

  • Is interested in letters

  • Wants to learn how to read

  • Loves hands-on learning


This class is perfect if you:


  • Want to develop strong reading foundations in your child

  • You wish your child to develop love for books.

  • If you want your child to play and learn.


$190 per module, 10 classes

Class structure

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Sneak and Peek

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