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8:00 pm EST

6:00 pm CR

Are you ready to transform your educational approach and achieve a back-to-school focused on the child, creating a 21st-century learning environment? If so, this webinar is perfect for you!

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Let's aim for the Successful Back to School month that children and teachers deserve.

Discover the 10 essential strategies for a successful back-to-school MONTH, where the focus on the child is the key to an innovative learning environment.

Join us as we explore how to integrate the power of play into education and create engaging learning experiences.

  1. How to create a child-centered learning environment.

  2. Practical strategies for integrating play into the educational process.

  3. Ways to encourage active participation and student engagement.

  4. Tips for effectively collaborating with parents and educators.

  5. How to overcome common challenges in back-to-school and education in general."

What will you learn in this FREE online event?

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Mariana Carazo

I am Mariana, an education enthusiast dedicated to creating engaging learning experiences. With over two decades of teaching experience and a strong academic background, my goal is to transform education through the power of play. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and collaborating with parents and educators to foster an innovative, game-based educational approach. I understand that motherhood is a significant challenge, and I am committed to helping you navigate it and promote practical, tangible best practices. Join me on this exciting journey, and together we can create a bright and fun educational future.

Secure your spot in the Successful Back-to-School webinar and make play the main protagonist in your classroom!

In 21st-century education, we not only impart knowledge, but ignite the passion for learning, nurturing creative minds, and preparing students for a constantly evolving world.

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